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Foshing boat in Jaco Beach, and the area of ​​the Eastern Cape of South Bass over 15 years and we met almost every charter boat operators in the region. Some are good, some great - some not so good or downright horrible. We do not want to be aboard one of the boats or "worse " " atrocious ," so we gathered all the information we have about charter operators reliable and capable crews fishing and propose the best business directory charter in Cabos.

Choosing the right card is not an exact science ... it just takes a little research to find a good price and good boat . Below you will find information about our favorite ... its charter companies that have earned a reputation for going the extra mile to get you on the fish. Of course there are many others out there , but do you really want to take the risk of ending up on a ship with broken down equipment and a computer slow? We do not think so .

Take time to look at the services of the most popular card , we recommend that before booking your trip, you will be glad you did ! Costa Rica Fishing Tours When looking for a Costa Rica Resort, you can not neglect the Los Suenos Resort and Marina. Located in the beautiful Herradura Bay on the Central Pacific coast, this complex of 1,100 acres just minutes from Jaco Beach and drive all the adventures that make Costa Rica so popular. Luxury amenities and unprecedented houses Costa Rica give this resort character, comfort and style.

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